If i was to die today,love woul be the strongest i have ever been

i want to be remembered by how i loved,not how i lived

i am just saying, just sying nothing at all

La la la I am a middle child, trust me i can find my way,

before me is a tall great girl, behind me an awesome big girl

i am the in between great and awesome, a mixture of both,

just saying, i am just saying

Ehm,ah I could listen to any advise about me,

and make peace with lies and unpopular opinions

but theres not athing you could tell me about my hair

cos thiss crown,this mane , men

could brek your neck were it on you, not just saying.

i could be a cheat, i would be big liar,

but i am a lover, close enough

just saying, i am just saying.

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