venus is rising

you really didnt take seriously or did you? the title. i know as much astrology as i know mathematics and italian. for relativity i didnt study law in campus because mathematics. duo lingo did something like kick me out of their italian class . i was always confusing the pronoun for l`oumo and farfalla if that means a girl, could that be reason to have my dream trashed that bad.

so it is week three of february and we survived a giftless valentines yet another year in sworn love relation with baba boi. all the tweets of if he wanted he would have tried are really messing me up big time. much of which is behind me now.

now thinking of it indepth, i feel venus is falling. but i doubt if that really is a thing. my biggest trouble in life as in basketball is capped in the gambler. i really dont know when to stop and when to run. proudly picking the wrong signals with not a good explanation infact i honorably embarass my entire clan while throwing the dice to the gamble. well, about venus rising,.my adultimg script may have been written in armenian because a girl is struggling to pick cues. one moment i am fully aware of what i want and another i am swept completely off my feet without a warning of any kind. but the grace with which i pick my Ls with will put you to question and in doubt of my sanity,

a whole week of dishing my cv and letter of good word got me real tired. thinking of which in a world full of variables why is there a standard way of writing cvs? shouldnt we go straight to the point of telling the employer,hey good person, i have bills to pay and this opening could be of help. on the cover letter, you fill up deets of mantra and informal profile. or creatively answer what is that thing that could get you fired? these thoughts messing me up because my phone said it cant take pictures because the temperatures were too high,the ghetteaux..

when venus stops rising i will tell you about y new yogi beliefs,failed meditations ,update my how not to cook recipes and the games we play. i have a good one too on GBV and SGBV,first hand account . may you day be as easy as adeles voice loves.

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