Hopeful dance in chaotic feels

I have made this confession times over and I still feel like I haven’t put enough emphasis to it,so I’ll say it again;I am not good at dancing. The kind of music that I love listening to doesn’t allow me to dance well maybe make some slight moves;nods of approval to the codes and keys,ambiance to the emotional intelligence at work– while playing specific songs on repeat. No emotion has matched hurt in my life. So fluent is it that I feel it even when I shouldn’t. The killer dance moves that I can pull without missing a step is crying,involuntary tears in two very neat files. My playlist is highly definitive with songs from various genres but have one thing in common– they are slow. They range from heartbreak songs to self pity and damnation. But there is this one girl that makes me break up with a non existent boyfriend,Adele. The precision with with she talks about the hurting is amazing. She makes getting hurt seem lightish. In her tear tuggers,the rendition, miasma and powerful vocals make you want to sing along even without proper mastery of lyrics. She tells a story,makes conversations and ultimately gives a reassurance. From the time I heard someone like you to date it is my favourite song. It is my ringtone and my go to song when I need psych. I can’t quite explain how the hurt in this song works as my motivation.

I heard that you’ve settled down and you’ve found a girl and you’re married now,

I heard that your dreams came true guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you..

That right there is surgery without anaesthetics. The first few times I heard this song I was hurt then I grew to love the hurt because of this song. It’s reassuring allure is magical. But before we get to that bit of hope and all let’s not forget that we didn’t give our best so this replacement is filling the gaps. To think that you gave your all and it wasn’t enough is a bullet right through the heart. But she doesn’t leave us to wallow in this pain. She walks us through how we had a time of our lives and that those embers are not out just yet..I had hoped you’d see my face and that you’ll be reminded that for me it isn’t over..

But the chorus brings back the hope and goodwill

Never mind I’ll find someone like you,I wish nothing but the best for you two don’t forget me I think I’ll remember you said sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead..

Ain’t this song amazing? Tell me if you don’t feel like dancing like me.

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