How I want to die

Everything that has life eventually loses it. Sometimes untimely and other times not. Those who I refer to as not untimely,especially humans, are those whose eulogies usher us in with A life well lived. Lately I have been intrigued by conversations about death. I have engaged a few friends and acquaintances and one thing stood out,people don’t really think or talk about death.

In a random sitting, one fine evening I ask someone who I had met just that evening how he wants to die. The look he gave me was proof that this was the first time he ever got asked this question. We have envisioned how we want to live. We make plans of where we want to live. After a long day at work, you’ll want to get home and just rest. This explains what death is in a much simpler way. Living is a hustle, constant conquering and creating trouble as we move. Death is rest from a long day at work( lifetime). I really wish people could make peace with their own death and actually talk about it often. Here goes my death day design;

When do I want to die? I may not know when exactly I want to die. It is for this reason that I made a bracelet engraved with the words respera. This is a Latin word to mean breath. Every time I look at it I am reminded of life. I am certain I won’t die today. If the choice lies entirely with me,I don’t want to die tomorrow either. I want to breath . Not today and not tomorrow,beyond that it’s pure grace.

How do I want to die? Not water please. I can’t swim. When my friends and I go to a swimming pool or to the beach,I keep my safe distance from the water. In a swimming pool setting if I am not on the very shallow end then you’ll find me on the baby poolside,without an ounce of shame– I say this because I have quite a body. Fire is a nightmare,I am not walking around with scarred skin in my after life. My love for travelling makes accidents a flirty option but I’ll leave it at that. It’s a pity that in all the possible ways one can die I can’t settle on a single way and feel comfortable about it.

Where do I want to die? They say find what you love and let it kill you. This is one very expensive joke. Why would I want to die in a basketball court? How do I die in bed? I love Italy. Of course I’ll go there someday. But I don’t ever think of passing on while in Rome. I need to get back and write about the hills and all the great pasta I’ll eat during my visit. Space remains the only valid place I have in mind.

When buying something you need,you don’t think seriously about ever losing it. This doesn’t stop you from losing it anyway. It could take a long while but you’ll still lose it. You don’t limit usage because of this. In a nutshell,life is for the living,so live before you die.

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